Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Oh dear

Hello.. This is Wilma calling earth - is anybody there??

Hehe. So basically I don't know what else to say other than that we're terribly sorry about this long lasting silence. It just happens as per usual that we've been so busy working (and right after that so super incredibly tired) that we just haven't had that much time or energy for the blog. Anyhow, I feel like it could be time to change this thing a bit and actually start updating - maybe that way we would get inspired to get to do more than just go to work. :-) And hey, spring is here so there's a reason to take nice pictures right there!

Anyway, the past months have been as I said earlier, a bit busy, we both have had courses from work to get up on the working life ladder as someone could say it and traveling home and away for Christmas (for Annika) and New Years (for meee). Obviously I cannot and I am not going to write for Annika, just threw that info there in case someone was wondering.

As I just mentioned, I indeed got to go on holidays to Thailand (<3) on New Years and it was super coool. And it was exactly what I needed as well. It was ah-mazing to just lay on the beach in the sun with my family without thinking any responsibilities or work. From Thailand I went to Finland for few more days before coming back here and it was just as hard as always to leave. Sometimes it's just so hard when your heart is in two different places.

A few weeks ago my dad also turned 50 and I went home for one weekend to surprise him (his birthday was on Friday so it was perfect). I was so glad because my surprise actually worked out just as I had planned and he had no clue of me coming - I think he might have had a small heart attack when I went home at 1am without him knowing haha. But yeah, the surprise really was a surprise and it was so nice to visit my family after just a month since seeing them the last time (which obviously made the leaving harder again for some reason..).

So yeah! That was my small recap of the past major events from this end and I hope everybody's going to have a lovely week. I will promise to try to start kicking Annika and mine asses to get this thing going. :-) Now I'll go, laters!

xo, Wilma 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hola, buenos días, hello, moi, hejjsan, bonjour

Heyyyyyy you guys!

Finally it's me, Wilma here writing for you.

I was visiting home and Finland last week, to say all the things in the header to my family and relatives. I was there for only a "long weekend", I left on Thursday and came back on Monday. I didn't take my camera or computer with me, so I only have a few photos from my phone, I'm so very very sorry! I still wanted to come and write something, and show the few rare photos from my phone that I took whilst I was there.

1-4 I took these amazing photos whilst waiting for my flight to departure!

Thursday and Friday were not that interesting, I was just going everywhere with my mom and wondering all the new things they have there (food-wise I mean).

1-4 So so so many new and amazing and exciting new products!!!

Anyways, I asked to get a few days off as holidays, because I wanted to go to Linnanmäki (amusement park in Helsinki, all the cool kids know it) with all my relatives. The funny part is that I don't even go to any of the rides.. Annika wanted to punch me, because she can't understand what's the point of going if you don't even go to the rides haha. I just don't like them, I feel like they're not for me (okok I'm scared of them, but they're not normal!!1) and I've never really been the person to run to them first. I just like the atmosphere and I wanted to spend time with my family and cousins, as I understandably haven't seen them that much lately and I love to spend time with them, too many laughs you see! Oh and this was all happening on Saturday.

1. My hobby for the day was to look at my cousins' faces in these bad boys haha!
2. Something to drink
3. Best part of amusement parks for me - THE FOOD!
4. Some very wise words. Made me think when I first saw it so I put it here as well

On Sunday I was just spending a lazy day with my parents and later on my sister came and we had a nice dinner (best food ever nomnom). Later that day I went to see a friend I hadn't seen in a loong time, I think it's been almost 2 years since we last saw, so it was nice to see him as well. I also dragged him to come and see the airplanes with me, because why not! Also it used to be like my main hobby in Finland so.. I had to go! The views were amazing ( as they usually are when it's dark and there's a lot of lights involved) and so calming. I just love it!

1. My mom made us some mushroom sauce, SO GOOD!! One of my favorites ever.
2. The lights! (no airplanes in this photo, sorry!)
3. <3 so good.
4. My little souvenirs from Finland.. And I've already eaten almost half of it..

On Monday I had a day flight, so I just slept late and went shopping (rye bread, chocolate, makeup and candy - the must haves!) with my dad as he was the one to take me to the airport. Nothing interesting happened, I got home and eventually ended up sleeping with Annika because we hadn't seen or talked properly in 2 weeks (O- M- G).

1. Such a beautiful and sharp photo of us, taken when I was taking Annika to the airport

Anyways, this was just a quick update from me and I hope I, or we, will be back soon with some better pictures or maybe a video if we'll have time to film one! Now it's time for me to go to bed as well, so night night and take care kiddos!

ps. I just checked how this looks and I'm so sorry about the quality of the photos, I hope you forgive me this time!!! :-(

xo, Wilma

Friday, 12 September 2014

Feeling empty


Since I'm alone in London I wanted to do a blog post about some pictures that we took a while ago. Wilma left me here and went to visit Finland as I did last week! But honestly I think we spend too much time together because I feel like I'm missing half of my brain or something when she is not around. First thing what I did yesterday when I came home was going to her room and taking her blanket and pillows into my bed. (Hope you don't mind swag!) I also took some clothes that I can wear while she is away, haha!


You may see from these pictures that I enjoy much more taking photos than being in front of camera. I'm always feeling a bit awkward when someone is taking pictures of me. And I think Wilma is the same. (What are we doing here then... haha!) I'm missing one of my friend in Finland because she was the perfect model as she enjoyed to be in front of camera and she was ready for anything! Once she was walking around without shoes in the middle of the winter - and yes, in Finland it can get pretty cold in the winter. But at least the pictures were great!


Oops. I just realized that my iPod is still on. It's been on since I came home which was 5 hours ago. No - 4 hours ago. So not that long after all! Pointless sentence.
I think I should jump to the bed as I need to head into work in 3 hours.
But first, let me take a shower.
And then - good night sweeties ♥

Xo, A

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This Is Us



Hi. I'm twenty years old and I think I should be mature and know something about life but I keep doing mistakes and try to learn from them. I've known Wilma... 14 years..? We started school together when we were seven, but we actually became friends in upper secondary school or some of you might know it as a high school. Nowadays our friends are saying that we are like package deal - you can not have one without the other.


We have done some crazy things together, moving to London is just one of them.
Starting a blog together was one of the ideas we got in the middle of the night, thinking that it was the best of all. Maybe it was, who knows? We both were writing our own blogs but since I lost my inspiration and I think Wilma was just too lazy to put any pictures on her computer, we kind of just forgot about them.

What this blog is going to be then? We were planning to share different kind of things with you, maybe some outfits, cooking things, just random thoughs, videos and our normal life. We are just normal girls, wanting to be something but don't know what. So I think this is a great place to start. I hope you all enjoy this blog and share your opinion.

xo A



Eeeyooo! Here's the other girl, I suppose Wilma is the name. Or Wil, Wilmix or Wilmi, as our weird and exotic friends call me. :-) So. I'm 20 years old (or young, however you want to think it!) as well, although I'm about 17 days younger than the other swagger / hipster.


I read Annika's text before writing my own, and I don't really have anything to add :-D I was just mainly laughing at how accurate she was at some points. She's the better with words, writing and stuff, you know. But it's ok, because somehow we just manage to work together really well and complete each other in some weird- twin- soul sister- kind of way. (So cheesy I know, I'm sorry not sorry).

I'm really excited about this blog, because first of all, our banner is so amazingly cool, and second of all, I have this one munchkin making me write and keep it up so that this might actually be a successful thing. (knock the wood and shut your mouth Wilma, you know yourself, be a little bit skeptic at least). Also, we have so many cool things that we have been planning to publish here!

Anyways, with my words and in a nutshell, we're just two normal (or maybe not so normal when you actually know us..) young adults trying to figure out what to do with our lives and where to be. Our hobbies include stargazing and just overall being weird and trolling around. Welcome on board and hope you like it! Tell us what you think or just say hi, we like you anyway. KISSES TO Y'ALL!

xo, W